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If you have to describe something use an adverb to do it but mostly face your paper on using really strong and really powerful action verbs the best thing about paper writing papers is that you are absolutely in control of your grade that being said you should not stop editing your paper until it’s where you want it to be even with the lack of time you still have no excuse to not get close to the grade that you want because you have full control over it.

Unlike an exam where no matter how much you study you could have something completely unexpected on the test. There is nothing unexpected about writing a paper though those are all my stuff’s and if your pay is organized and is well written with thorough content then it’s really difficult to go wrong to improve your writing for the future I have some more tips and one is to reread everything that you write after it’s created whether it’s good or bad because you want to know what you did right or wrong and even as you’re writing your next paper you refer to your password if an opening paragraph structure worked really well.

Last time then use it again I always go back to my old work to help me with future outlines. Next read has many academic publications in your free time as possible and I don’t mean novels and nothing against novels are great and help with your vocabulary and are just great in general and making you a smarter person and adding to like the arsenal of knowledge in your head but to improve your academic writing you need to read those academic journal articles to get a sense of their language and structure because that’s what you’ll be aiming for in all college academic papers third next time make sure to give yourself enough time to enjoy your writing instead of making it feel like a chore and that being said good luck on your final paper being where you are now you already know that there is the light at the end of the tunnel and no matter how stressed you are now just think how much better you’ll feel.

When you’re done with that paper and you know that you’ve turned a product that you’re really proud of a good paper can be sent to a potential employer it can even be published but most importantly it’s proof that you are a good writer and that you can be a good writer and if you have any questions leave me a comment below if you have final exams coming up check out my video of study tips for final exams link below and please subscribe and give this video a thumbs up if you found it helpful and I’ll see you once you’ve turned in that final paper thanks for watching bye oh yeah and I can show you my outfit I’m wearing today.

I think it’s perfect for final exams or running papers just because I spent all day at a coffee shop in this outfit and it’s very comfortable so it’s just this black tank top with a shawl over it and some red corduroy pants and my furry ugh slippers which are super comfortable and apparently you can wear them outside I didn’t know that but I was reading reviews on these and people are like I wear them everywhere so now I’m wearing them everywhere because they’re comfortable and cozy and I have no shoes for my boots and they broke so that’s life right now.