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Where do you find the primary sources for research paper writing? Libraries almost always without fail libraries are the best place to go University Libraries invest a huge amount of time and money to build up great collections of things you can certainly search for things easily online you can look for stuff online my only warning would be is that you so wherever you’re looking for your source or wherever you find something you make sure that it is an actual academic source that you can use if you’re not sure ask your professor ask your instructor whatever make sure that you can use it because it might looks like something that’s real but unfortunately with the internet anonymity you can never be too sure so it’s good.

To just double check on those after you’ve looked at some primary sources start writing down your research paperWhat if you found out, what are some things that are starting to come to your mind this is going back to the whole idea of writing down what you know starting with what you know and what you found out kind of leads you through this progression while where you’ll eventually end up.

Having some questions which is the next part. Taking the questions that you have and starting to think about your topic in ways that maybe people haven’t thought about it before. An example is I just wrote a paper about world war one war letters now people have definitely compiled a lot of collections of war letters but I was looking for how soldiers were constructing notions of time and specifically how they were thinking about the future to my knowledge no one’s done that that’s what makes research it’s something new a new way of approaching it especially in fields of Gender Studies and sexuality there is a ton of stuff to think about.

When you’re looking at your sources think about not just the stories that they’re telling and the information that they’re giving you but what are they not giving you what are they not telling and maybe there is something there you can find out sometimes it leads to a dead end and there’s no more in way you could get more information that’s okay you still learn something about it now when you have all of these questions you want to take a look at them and what is the most interesting one what is the thing that you’re most curious about that is going to be your research question.

Research papers should always start with a question to answer having an argument means you have to find something out and I think some people try to write their papers by coming out with a really strong statement and then just trying to back up that statement and make connections well that’s certainly one way of writing a paper usually it’s a lot easier and more interesting for yourself if you’re starting with a question and as you’re writing your paper you’re answering that question then you can go back rework your thesis which will become the answer to the question what do you think the answer to the question is that’s your thesis your whole paper will back it up this is just the beginning good luck!